Cool Air

Cool Air

Set your own temperature with this

Portable Personal Cooler Fan

CoolAir is a three-speed controlled fan which is powered by a connection to a USB port.

It is compact and has a portable design, so whether you are in the office, working from home or staying at a friend’s, you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go. This device cools, purifies and humidifies the air around you, creating a personal space that suits you. It has a mood light setting, with 7 different colour options to set the tone for your day or night.. Continue..

How to use it

Using CoolAir could not be simpler. In less than a minute you can be enjoying the benefits of a beautifully temperature-controlled personal space.

How does it work?

The CoolAir desktop fan is powered by connecting to a USB port.
It has a small tank which you fill with water. This is what allows the device to act as a humidifier and purify the air around you. A motor powers the fan and the optional LED mood lighting system once connected to a USB port.

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CoolAir: the first personal space cooler in the world

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